Dream Big! Supports Boston Public Schools Feeder Program

BPS StaffBPS Athletic Department Staff, (L to R) Wallace Johnson, Kenneth Still and Darlene Knight show off new softball gloves.

Dream Big! donates softball equipment to support the first ever Boston Public Schools Softball Feeder Program for middle school girls. The donation of equipment (gloves, batting T's, bats, softballs, pitching returns etc...) for the girls softball clinic was donated to Boston Public Schools (BPS) Athletic Department. This clinic will serve as the first of many middle school clinics in the development of a feeder program for BPS high school athletics.

The intent is to bring back basic skills training for interested middle school girls in hopes to encourage participation in high school athletics, and to improve the proficiency level of the athletes that participate, as well as introducing them to alternative way to improve their health and well being through leisure sports and friendly competition. Dream Big! will continue to work with BPS staff to ensure that the girls and schools have the equipment needed to run this feeder/training program. Special thanks to Dream Big! equipment partner Franklin Sports.

SoftballBoston Public School Athletic Departments’ Softball Training Clinic athletes, parents, clinicians and staff pose for a group photo with their new equipment.